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HealthBook ME is the first online mental and physical wellness platform that pairs wellness providers, mental health professionals, and other alternative medical professionals with clients who are seeking their services. The platform offers convenient, easy to use tools to conduct one-on-one and group sessions online. By placing you, the client, at the center of it all, HealthBook ME has become a mental and physical wellness platform that knows” me”, “who I am” and “where I come from.”

Origin of HealthBook ME

The lack of diversity in the mental health profession is stark. According to the American Psychological Association, in 2015 around 86% of psychologists in the U.S. were white—while 5% were Hispanic, 5% were Asian, and 4% were black. As the APA noted, this breakdown is “less diverse than the U.S. population as a whole.”

HealthBook ME was created to fill an existing gap in access to ethnically diverse practitioners within mental health care services.
The founder of HealthBook ME, as a woman of color, was unable to find a single platform that enabled her to connect with a wellness provider who understood her background, her unique set of challenges and needs, and spoke her language. She realized that there was a complete absence of patient-centric, easily accessible, and affordable mental health and wellness services for people of color, for those of different ethnic backgrounds and those with diverse needs.

The HealthBook ME platform offers a one-stop shop for those people, connecting them with the perfect practitioner who can serve their unique wellness needs. HealthBook ME serves a dual purpose—it helps clients find just the right healthcare provider for them, and it helps providers connect with potential clients. Here's how it works: Using our platform, a provider has access to a complete set of tools to build their online mental health or online wellness practice. HealthBook ME offers everything they need to conduct their virtual wellness business. Everything is conveniently combined within a single platform.

HealthBook ME helps individuals find just the right wellness provider for them. The platform offers access to hundreds of providers in a multitude of fields. These services are available at your fingertips:

  • Easily self-schedule appointments online
  • Find and connect with from a variety of practitioners of traditional and alternative therapies
  • Integrated Zoom sessions with your healthcare provider
  • Secure One-on-one and group sessions
  • Safe, encrypted payment with Stripe
  • HIPAA compliant, encrypted chat with providers

What HealthBook ME users have to say

“A very thoughtful design with foresight, hosting multiple disciplines in one place for a Lifestyle Medicine “type of approach to whole-person care. Very easy to navigate for new users. I love it.”
—Kate Moore, Licensed Dietician & Nutritionist, MHS, RDN, LDN

“HealthBook ME holds the key to a health provider's toolbox of resources to run their online business effectively and efficiently. I can easily reach my clients and they can reach me. The online scheduling, messaging and online payment system makes it so much easier for me to focus on my client needs instead of cumbersome administrative tasks. And what a time saver it is!”
—Maria Brudish-Emami, Certified Health Coach/Nutritional Counselor

“I love this app's ability to let me offer my clients a FREE introductory session that they can self-pick on my calendar. Typically, most of my clients need that session, before they become long-term customers, so this works great for me.”
—Dr. Vikas Srivastava, Wholistic Wellness, Meditation and Yoga Therapist

Our providers come from variety of health and wellness industry, spanning Eastern and Western medicine, traditional and alternative therapies. Our base is multi-national, offering practitioners from around the globe, and serving a diverse community.


To build the largest collaborative platform for health and wellness in the world, by making these services available to every person who needs them, in a single-click.


To bring the seekers of health and wellness services together with providers of these services, bridging the gap to everyone, and making the process easy, economical, and safe, while providing the best possible experience in doing so.

HealthBook ME actively searches for practitioners of diverse backgrounds, to provide an ethnically diverse base for our clients to choose from. Having a provider from one's own ethnic background, who speaks the same language, and is cognizant of one's unique challenges makes for a more relaxed, intuitive, and holistic healthcare experience.

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